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The Renewal of Serbistics


It is known, from the researches conducted by many public opinion agencies, that most Serbs and other citizens of Serbia are inclined towards Serbia’s accession to the European Union. However, things have gone a step backwards today compared to the nineties; no one in the Serbian politics, or in the key national institutions, such as the SANU (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts), Matica srpska and others, is even trying to conduct the analyses of Serbian defeats, to face the wrong ideas of Yugoslavism and Yugoslav politics and state. Without scientifically based and critical analyses of the status of Serbian nation and its state’s state constituencies, no further European integrations are possible. In other words, until the time when the Serbian political and intellectual leadership is finished with the Yugoslav era of its history, and realize and correct all the historical forgeries and counterfeits it was based on, the European integrations on an equal basis and by European standards will not happen. It is likely that the Serbian leadership, for the umpteenth time in the recent history, cannot overcome the excess history which, in the Balkan’s „barrel of gun-powder“ has always been too much. The Serbs have to answer the question of what happened to the Serbian national identity in the Yugoslav state to themselves first; do the European standards for entering „the family“ of the European nations, based on the linguistic definition of a nation, also stand for the Serbian people, being multi-confessional such as some other European nations (Germans, Hungarians, Аlbanians etc.).

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