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The aim of this paper is to give an overview on how did Europeanization affect the field of the rule of law in the countries of WBs. However, the rule of law is a very broad area, made out of many subareas in the EU’s eyes (as it is in general), and tackling all of them would be too broad and for some periods even too complicated. Their analyzing would definitely exceed the maximum allowed number of pages for this paper. This paper, alongside a very brief overview of the field of the rule of law in WBs countries, will also focus more closely on the fight against the corruption, and in order to make it even more narrow, the emphasis will be on the two current EU candidate WBs countries, Serbia and Montenegro. The results presented in the concluding remarks are somewhat expected given the history and the current state of the two case countries, as well as the WBs overall. The still much needed reform in the field of the rule of law, and specifically in fighting the corruption is a must for these countries.

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