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In this article the author discusses the relation between different conceptions of biopolitics in Foucault and Agamben and the idea of humanism inasmuch as it relates to the question of becoming of new subjectivity. In tracing how the differences in understanding of biopoli­tics in Foucault and post-Foucaldian approach of Agamben influence not only the forms of critique of biopolitics as anti-politics, but also their relation towards a possible new humanistic discourse, the author underlines the specificities of Foucault’s approach, arguing in direc­tion of the idea that Foucault’s homo politicus presents the possibility of a new unique synthesis betwen ethics, politics and philosophy. The author concludes with building the argument that it is exactly a gene­alogy of the present of contemporary phenomena of biopolitics, as a continuation of Foucault’s approach, that can theoretically enable the possibility of new humanism inasmuch as it arises as a sine qua non of political subjectivity.

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