O časopisu

The Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade is publishing scientific journal “Serbian Political Thought”, with the purpose of introducing the contemporary topics of political science in Serbia to the international scientific community. Serbia, with its numerous issues ensuing from the breakup of Yugoslavia – nationalism, ethnic conflicts, state- and nation-building, parallel with its multiple issues of the postcommunist transition toward democracy and market economy, has remained an interesting subject of many interdisciplinary studies. Nevertheless, Serbia is neither a new state, nor a new society, and has a continuous tradition of political thought, implicating the whole spectrum of political research that follows the contemporary scientific trends worldwide. Main mission of this journal is to establish an exchange of ideas between the international academic community and researchers from the Institute of Political Studies, a leading political science research institution in Serbia, and, even broader, with the whole social science research community of Serbia.
Serbian Political Thought is published two times a year.

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