Vera Despotović

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Singidunum University, Faculty of Media and Communications, Department for Social Work, Belgrade


The Sociodrama Narrative: Political Aspects

This paper examines the political discourse of sociodrama by considering some basic postulates of sociodrama methods introduced by Moreno (Jacob Levy Moreno). The aim of the paper is to explore sociodrama method by ana­lysing its practical application within different contexts of contemporary soci­ety. In this paper, we will define sociodrama as an experiential procedure used to research intergroup relations and relations among different parties in a dis­pute or conflict of interest. After we describe the basic theoretical postulates of Moreno’s psychodrama, we will focus on crises and conflicts affecting contem­porary society, particularly those occurring within large groups. The main ob­jective of sociodrama in this context would be to gain a greater understanding between socials groups leading to the resolution of inter-group conflict and the achievement of balance between conflicting parties.