Stanislav Stojanović

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University of Defense Strategic Research Institute



In the following text authors analyze the growing tendency of Sino-American rivalry to further spiral out of control and potentially lead to deterioration of countries’ future relations. The rivalry is especially evident in the region of Asian-Pacific which geopolitical traits additionally intensify the conflicting interests of these great powers. For the US this means further delegitimization of its power, while for China this can solidify its growing leadership in the region. The conflicting interests of these powers imply future uncertainty in terms of the overall security trends in the Asia-Pacific. The vocal point of our research endeavor is the analysis of strategic commitments and ambitions of the US and China in the Asia-Pacific as a one of the most important geopolitical hubs in contemporary international politics. Comparing their ambitious policies, in which East and South-East China Sea have central places, clearly indicates to a long term clash of interests which further determines the conflicting context that will dominate the Sino-American bilateral relations. The conflicting character of bilateral relations of these great powers will also determine the overall political landscape of the region in the years to come in which uncertainty and complexity could lead towards potential clashes. The authors conclude that Sino-American rivalry will have a growing trend. Having this in mind as well as the growing polarization in world politics which has been strengthened by the pandemic of Corona virus, will put additional strains on the western-led international order. In such state of affairs the Sino-American rivalry can further escalate given the importance of Asia-Pacific as a global hub of economic and political activity.