Slađana Ćurčić

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Faculty of Security Studies, Belgrade



The concept of human security is an alternative approach to security, which emerged and developed in accordance with changes in reality, where the state-centric security paradigm was no longer adequate to explain new processes and relations and at the same time, human security is a useful framework for considering and possibly, measuring the degree of realization of human rights, freedoms, general safety and quality of life, which actually determine the security of people. One of the important aspects of human security is environmental security, whose increasingly emphasising on the global level, reflects the development of awareness of the dependence of the destiny of humanity on nature and the necessity of preserving the environment healthy and sustainable. Therefore, this paper, in the broadest sense, thematizes the ecological security by analyzing the impact of environmental degradation on health security, food security, economic and political security, as dimensions of human security. Based on the insights and results of existing theoretical and research papers, reports, documents, analyzes and predictions of relevant international organizations, the paper points out the complexity and comprehensiveness of the considered issues, reflected in the interaction and interdependence of all dimensions of human security, as well as in the inseparability of human security from the state, regional and global processes. The key finding of this analysis is that, environmental degradation, viewed as endangered environmental security, adversely affects all other dimensions, directly or indirectly, and that, following the logic of this cause-and-effect chain, a stronger and more determined commitment to environmental protection, will positively reflect on all other aspects of human security. In other words, the synthesis of impacts ranging from reduced quality and availability of food and water, through impaired health, poverty, insecurity of income and employment, to the weakness of political institutions and inadequate state intervention, in its entirety undermines the general state of human security. Bearing in mind that global environmental changes, according to relevant estimates and predictions, will be a great challenge and threat to human security in the future, people as part of the problem, should also be part of the solution and through conscious and responsible behavior minimize negative effects on nature, on which they depend and of which they are an integral part. So, the important conclusion of this analyisis is also that, the response to these challenges, with aim of general improvement of human security at practical level, must also be integral and coherent and encompass the efforts of individuals, societies, international and global institutions.