Siniša Atlagić

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Fakultet političkih nauka, Univerzitet u Beogradu


International Positioning of Serbia in the Era of Pax Americana

In this paper, the author deals with the concept and practice of nation branding, which he perceives as one of the media used to preserve the economic and political predominance by world's leading power. In the first part of the paper, the focus is on the concepts of identity, image and propaganda, commonly associated with branding. Further on, the author suggests a value frame in which the actors of liberal capitalism utilise nation branding in order to pursue their interests and demonstrates the evolution of values in Serbia at the turn of the century, as a precondition of nation branding.


How We Introduce Serbia to the World: The Role of Serbian Diaspora in Promoting Serbia Abroad

In the text the author starts from the concept of image in general and then the activity of creating a positive image of the country abroad by analyzing the activity of public diplomacy associated with propaganda towards foreign countries. Considering that the contribution of this activity can also be provided by Diaspora, the author examines the role of the Serbian Diaspora in promoting Serbia abroad. Weak correlation and underdeveloped communications of Serbian associations abroad, their under-representation in the institutions of the system in the country of residence, and the lack of coordinated management policies and promotional activities by the government in the homeland, are recognized by the author as the main obstacles in the way of making the Diaspora an important subject of Serbian promotion abroad.