Dr. Miloš Jevtić

Miloš Jevtić, PhD, is a Research Assistant at the Institute for Political Studies. He became a Ph.D. in psychology in 2022 at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. His research deals with questions from the field of social psychology, with a focus on collective memories, social identity and belief systems that maintain inter-ethnic antagonism. He has extensive experience in the application of various qualitative and quantitative methods in empirical research. Since arriving at the Institute in 2018, his performance has been characterized by participation in national and international conferences, papers in journals and thematic proceedings, as well as cooperation on various research projects.


Interpretations of the past inevitably involve the issue of losses experienced by a particular group. Because no particular discipline has a monopoly on understanding historical suffering, it is possible to examine it from different aspects. In this work, attention is focused on the relationship between suffering (as a fact) and victimhood, as a way of understanding the world. More precisely, this paper examines the representation of suffering maintained by group members, its consequences at the intergroup level (relations between countries and/or ethnic groups, relations between different groups within a society, etc.) and context on which empirical studies were concentrated. Moreover, the complex nature of collective victimhood is pointed out, as well as various socio-psychological factors related to this belief system. Finally, the implications of collective victimhood for current intergroup relations and guidelines for future research are discussed.