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The subject of this paper is the contribution of the service of daycare to the inclusion of children and youth with developmental disabilities in Novi Pazar. First part of this article displays the status of children and youth with developmental disabilities, the international documents which are intended to deal with those issues, national normative frame and the establishment of systems for providing the social protection services. The results of this research displays the organization of the service of daycare, the influence of the service of daycare on the quality of life for users and their families, the factors which influence the quality of services provided within the service of daycare program, as well as the problems and difficulties with which this social service are being faced. In this qualitative and quantitative research, following methodology has been used: interview, documentary analysis, case study of Daycare institution in Novi Pazar and statistical research. All the results gained during this research show beyond any doubt the importance of the service of daycare for impaired children and youth as well as for their parents. On one hand this service allows parents to focus on their private and professional life without having guilty conscience and on the other children are able to stay and work in enabling environment, one that is conducive for development of their life skills necessary for their inclusion in the community. It is very important that all parents were satisfied with the service in all the segments: quality of service, commitment of all social workers and associates, activities and improved behavioral changes of children. Research has shown that factors often quoted as important for the quality of service are at the same time the greatest impediments which the service provider is confronted with, so much so that the quality of the service is put into question. Most important difficulties and issues quoted are lack of financial sources and their instability, which are influencing human resources and the working conditions. Instability in financing obviously represents the basis of all the problems which service provider is confronted with. Furthermore, this problem has proved to be a long term issue being at the same time a barrier for finding solution to all other problems. In spite of all the problems encountered while providing the service, all the social workers and their head considered Daycare as benefiting to the inclusion of children and youth which has been achieved through all the activities implemented at the Daycare Centre, notably those directed towards the community, also confirmed by the parents. It can be stated without any doubt that the Association as daycare provider is equally active at the level of social work with individuals and families and community social work.