Dejan Milenković

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University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences


Administrative Procedures and Protection of Property Rights in Serbia

Besides the general administrative procedure stipulated in detail in the Law on General Administrative Procedure, there are numerous special administra­tive procedures in the Republic of Serbia, contained in sectoral laws that reg­ulate certain areas. This is the case in the field of property-related legal affairs e.g. in connection with nationalization, expropriation, colonization, restitution, etc. The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of special administra­tive procedures and their „reflections” on the exercise of the right of citizens to peaceful enjoyment of their property, as well as procedures providing for the possibility that the state in the public interest restrict this right. Also, the analysis should determine how this special legal regime affects the efficient and effective exercise of the right to peaceful enjoyment of property on the one hand and on the other what is the real scope of administrative-procedural protection.


Serbian Public Administration Reform in the Light of the European Administrative Space Principles

European integration process influences to the harmonization of different areas of law. The concept of the European Administrative Space in the European Union has been developing for the last thirty years. It includes the set of minimum common principles and standards governing the organization, activities and functioning of administrative bodies in the Member States and potential candidates as well. This includes significant changes and administrative reform in the process of Serbia’s membership negotiations. Serbian administrative capacities have to be in compliance with the standards of the European Administrative Space with purpose that in the future Serbia or its administration can successfully implement the regulations adopted by the Union. The process of administrative reform in Serbia is carrying out for ten years. In different cycles this process was faster or slower. Comparative analysis of the European administrative space standards and the process of administrative reform in Serbia indicate that Serbia, perhaps not fast enough, is increasingly adapting to these standards.