Danijela M. Bjelja

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Through this paper, the author claims that modern diplomacy keeps pace with the times and enriches traditional diplomatic activities with new models of communication in line with ICT development. Many diplomats today perceive modern technology and social networking, especially twitter communication, as a powerful channel for digital diplomacy, and at the same time demonstrate the technological literacy for the 21st century. However, as we determine with this work, not all tweets are shaped by a careful diplomatic language and style, although they are written by senior officials, and sometimes they turn into hashtag wars between the embassies and the foreign ministry, and then into more serious diplomatic conflicts, that burden relations. We conclude that with the pro-active digital diplomacy Republic of Serbia has the opportunity to promote Serbian values, economic and military potential, tradition and culture within individual content posts every day. The author is of the view that in digital diplomacy it is extremely important to take into account the peculiarities of the style of diplomatic communication, namely the clarity, conciseness and accuracy in diplomatic message, as this is the only way to prevent potential security risks, especially in the area with a warfarehistory. The author confirms that Serbia’s digital diplomacy awareness exists but is still at the early stages. Numerous advantages of such diplomacy, i.e. better foreign policy positioning in the international arena, the creation of a more positive image of the state, remind us that the perspectives of digital diplomacy, its increased use and development are still open to our country. We believe that it is necessary for state toutilize such opportunities and that all state officials should serve as a good example of national digital literacy, rather than ignore the existence of a modern technological reality in international communication.