About us

The Institute for Political Studies is a scientific research institution based in Belgrade, active in the field of political science for 56 years. It was founded on January 4, 1968, as a small research unit within the then College of Political Sciences. After a decade of work, the Institute acquired the status of an independent scientific institution in 1978.

In the period of more than half a century of existence, the Institute has developed into a modern scientific and research institution capable of carrying out complex social research. The institute has its own library and research centers. Accordingly, he is involved in fundamental national and international research projects, especially those that study political institutions and processes; development of political theory and its fundamental concepts; identity and political culture; European relations and international politics; as well as contemporary trends in political science.

Our researchers are fully qualified not only to analytically explain phenomena, but also to approach complex research, using the most modern qualitative and quantitative tools. In this sense, the Institute regularly produces empirically based analyses, forecasts of future trends, as well as models of the development of institutions and public policies – in accordance with its orientation towards the modernization of political life as a whole.

The activities of the Institute are carried out by a dedicated research team, which includes political scientists, lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, communication scientists, economists, and enables an interdisciplinary and thorough approach to the creation of analyses, projections and models.

The Institute carries out its activity through the organization of field research, a rich publishing activity that includes seven magazines in Serbian and English and many monographs, anthologies and other publications, as well as the organization of gatherings and scientific conferences. The Institute also provides services in the field of social activities, such as public opinion research, consulting services, political marketing, drafting public policy proposals, and other services. Also, in order to coordinate activities with other scientific and research organizations and to improve science in the Republic of Serbia, the Institute for Political Studies is a permanent member of the Community of Institutes of Serbia.

Throughout its activities, the Institute for Political Studies has maintained its basic purpose – the creation of quality scientific research, which it makes available to members of the academic community, the media, policy makers and decision makers, but also to the general public, i.e. to all interested citizens. Precisely because of this, all the journals published by the Institute are on this site and are open to visitors.