By the decision of the expert jury of the 7th Drina literary meetings (2023) and the editor of the “ASoglas” publishing house Dejan Spasojević, this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded to the well-known Serbian political scientist and sociologist Dr. Zoran Milošević, scientific advisor at the Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade.

Dr. Zoran Milošević (born in 1959 in Bogatic, Serbia) graduated from the Military Academy (1983), received a master’s degree from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb (1987), and a doctorate from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, Serbia (2000).

He worked in the Yugoslav People’s Army, then at the Higher Chemical and Technological School in Šabac, before moving to the Institute for Political Studies in 2001, where he still works today. He also taught at the Faculty of Philosophy in East Sarajevo, Slobomir P University in Bijeljina and the European University in Brčko. He gave lectures for postgraduates at the State University in Saint Petersburg, the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Bryansk, the Spiritual Academy in Minsk, etc.

He has published over 1000 bibliographic items, which include monographs, edited editions, scientific and journalistic articles and translations.

The subject of Milosevic’s interest is religion, especially the method(s) of verification (union and proselytism). He published the following monographs from political science and sociology of religion: “Politics and Theology” (1994), “Democracy or Christocracy – The Holy See between War and Peace” (1997), “Social Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church” (2001), “Church and Politics” (2002), “Who is Hans Ivan Mertz, the New Evangelist of the Roman Church” (2003), “Transition and the Serbian Church” (2004), “Church, Science and Politics” (2005), “From Malorus to Ukrainians – contribution to the study of the change of cultural and of the national identity of Malorus” (2008), “Identity of Europe – the future of Muslims in the European Union” (2012), “Religion and identity” (2013), “Terrorists or victims of the West – the Muslim question in the European Union” (2015) – also in Arabic.