Geopolitics. A view from the Balkans. Part 1 / Zoran Milošević; composer Dajana Lazarević; reviews by Kirill Shevchenko, Victor Mishchenko. – St. Petersburg: Art-Express, LITO Fresh View (St. Petersburg – Moscow – Minsk – Belgrade), 2023.–284 s. – ISBN 978-5-4391-0851-0.

The publishing house “Novi pogled” in St. Petersburg published a scientific monograph by Dr. Zoran Milošević in the Russian language under the title: “Geopolitics – a view from the Balkans”. The book consists of representative works of Dr. Milošević, which have been translated and published in Russian-speaking territories over the years.

In addition to the publication of this exceptional anthology, which is already read and cited in the Russian Federation, the Association of Literary Creators “Novi Pogled” awarded an honorary post to Dr. Milošević in his association and invited the Institute for Political Studies for more permanent cooperation. The book “Geopolitics – a view from the Balkans” is available in major Russian, Belarusian and Serbian libraries. A second part of “Geopolitics”, also in Russian, is planned to be published by the end of 2023 in Minsk, Belarus.

Many Russian publishing houses have expressed interest in “Geopolitik” by Dr. Zoran Milošević, and negotiations are underway for its release in Kazakhstan, as well as in Ontario,USA, in the English language.