Conservatism and Capitalism – An Uneasy Dialogue? New book published by IPS.

Dušan Dostanić and Aleksandar Novaković (editors)

Are the free market and conservative worldviews compatible or downright adversarial positions? Is the “invisible hand of the market” the sole solution to all problems of social organization, or must there be something else from a conservative ideological pool that restrains “market deviations”? What course of action should conservatives and libertarians take today, having in mind heterogeneous and sometimes quite opposing understandings of their natures? This book raises such questions and offers a reader elaborated answers from the pens of eminent conservative and liberal authors.

This book assembles intellectual representatives of conservative and libertarian philosophies that convened in Belgrade on October 14, 2021, during Covid lockdowns and restrictive travel policies.

The book is a testimony of an extraordinarily hard and suppressive political time in which free-minded spirits gathered despite the pandemic to passionately discuss two conflicting worldviews.

You can download the book HERE.