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Srpska politička misao (Serbian Political Thought) is the Institute’s flagship publication and has been among the most respectable social science journals in Serbia and the region for over twenty years. The journal’s primary focus is on the research of political theory and its fundamental concepts, without thematic limitations: the editorial team’s interdisciplinary approach has not narrowed its scope exclusively to the study of political science phenomena, but has expanded its focus to issues in philosophy, sociology, political economy and international relations. Its  contributors include the most eminent professors and researchers in various social science disciplines from Serbia, the region and further abroad. Over time, it has gradually profiled itself as a referent publication for the defining of Serbian political science and political thought on the whole. The journal’s editorial policy aims for world standards in scientific research and is committed not only to the description, but also to the practical modelling of political culture, in line with the modern trends in political sciences.

The journal is published quarterly.



Publisher: Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade

ISSN: 0354-5989

DOI: 10.22182/spm

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