The Belgrade Institute for PoliticaI Studies was founded on 4 January 1968, as a small research unit within the former Higher School of Political Sciences. After a decade of work, the Institute assumed the status of an independent scientific institution in 1978. During the nearly half a century of its existence, the Institute has evolved into a modern scientific research institution with capacity to undertake complex research projects in social sciences.

Throughout its history, the Institute has organised and implemented numerous research projects on the most relevant issues of the political system and political life of Serbia, former Yugoslavia and Europe. A number of scientific conferences, seminars and educational activities have been organised, giving a significant contribution to the academic debate, knowledge dissemination and the development of political culture. In parallel, the Institute’s publishing efforts have been growing and today, it encompasses seven periodical journals in Serbian and English and a whole range of books, thematic collections of papers and other relevant publications in the domain for political sciences.

Since 1990, consistent with the trends of scientific development in our country, the Institute implemented several macro-projects, notably projects: “Political Life and Political Institutions in Serbia at the Turn of the 21st Century (1995-2000), “Social and Political Premises of Democratic Institution-Building in Serbia“ (2005-2010), as well as projects concerning the development of the rule of law concept in Serbia, re-defining of social policy, research on the modernisation of democratic political institutions and communications in the public sphere. The results of these projects have been applied in the modelling of public opinion and public debate, in academic life, teaching, but also in the work of relevant state and society institutions. Owing to the nature of its research topics, the Institute has maintaned a strong advisory purpose and orientation towards political institutions, but at all times it continued to act in line with the principles of academic independence and scientific integrity. In order to harmonise its activities with other scientific research organisations and the promotion of science in the Republic of Serbia, the Institute for Political Studies is also a permanent member of the Association of Institutes of Serbia.

At present, IPS researchers are engaged in the implementation of activities under the macro-project: “Democratic and National Capacities of Political Institutions of Serbia in the Process of International Integrations“. The project has been delivering significant studies related to the democratisation and modernisation of political institutions in Serbia and their harmonisation with current international trends. Tens of highly competent researchers educated in leading national and international academic institutions, supported by the Institute’s technical capacities and a comprehensive library, are participating in the project implementation.