Zdravko Skakavac

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In this paper we analyzed the affair in relation to the companies Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, in the light of new EU regulations in the field of data protection (GBER). The analysis showed that there is a great need for more effective protection of personal data of users on the Internet. Also, the analysis showed how abuses of personal data are carried out. Bearing in mind that the new Regulation can be applied beyond the borders of the European Union, it has been pointed out several key issues regarding its extraterritorial application. First, it was found that in practice there are difficulties regarding the implementation of the Regulation. Second, the analysis showed that in the case of extraterritorial application of the Regulation the problem of the conflict of jurisdictions occurs. Third, mechanisms for resolving conflicts between the laws of different countries are not sufficiently developed. Solution is the conclusion of bilateral international agreements between the EU and third countries. This would enable the implementation of the Regulation in countries which are not members of the Union. The research used normative methods and legal and logical methods of induction and deduction.