Dragan Trailović


Institute for Political Studies


Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade University

PhD candidate


Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade University



Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade University



Dragan Trailović is the Research Associate of the Institute for Political Studies. Editorial Secretary of the journal Srpska politička misao (Serbian Political Thought) and Scientific Secretary of the current research project “Democratic and National Capacities of Political Institutions in Serbia in the Process of International Integrations”. Published several academic papers on the topic of political systems and geopolitics of China and Central Asian countries in national journals, thematic collections of papers, as well as in international publications (Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu; Jinan University Press, Guangzhou, PR China). Foreign researcher at the Centre for Political Sciences, International Relations and European Studies of the University of Sibiu (Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu), Romania. Member of the Institute for Asian Studies and Editorial Board Member of the journal Asian Issues. Also member of the international advisory board of the Тhe Central and Eastern European Center for Asian Studies, Budapest, Hungary.